Combining your Brain and your Heart to make wise choices

We live in a world where the ‘Brain’ is considered the almighty power. The computer that is equal to no other. For this reason we spend a lot of time and energy studying and trying to develop the brain power. All that is great except when we forget to listen to our heart. The loudest voice in our body is our heart, but when was the last time you actually did something because your heart told you to do it!  hmmm…. maybe it is time to explore this option.

The business of coaching that I am a member of, does just that. We help you ‘pull out’ what is in your heart and see where it will lead you.  Think about the reason that you are doing what you are today to earn a living. Did it come from a referral? Was it something you dreamed of doing when you grew up? Is something your parents thought you should do? Maybe it was just a way to ‘make good money’.  Are you happy doing what you are doing?  Why? Why not?

You see what ever it is that we are doing should first and foremost be something you get up to everyday singing and bursting to get started. Is that you? No? Then this is where a coach can help you. Let’s pick something that you are passionate about and find a way to make it pay.  When you see the millionaires that are enjoying life, always playing and look very happy, do you grind your teeth and wish it was you?

My bet is yes you do! We all want life the life of luxury and time freedom to do what we want, when we want. Think you can do that with the job you have today? What about those of you that are self-employed? Are you where you want to be? How about on the right path? If you are like most people you may not know where you at or how to change it! You feel trapped in a world that controls you. Can I tell you a little secret?  That is by design. Many years ago our ancestors were put into ‘mental’ chains and made to think they should work hard, long days for the rich and that is how to survive. Notice that last word…survive. Do you want to just survive or do you want more? My guess is that you want to break free and be one of the ‘rich’ but you are in the same trap that your family has been in for centuries. The difference today is we don’t have to caught. Break those old habits and find the ‘other’ side. You can do it! Find your passion and  follow it, do what makes you feel good and wake up to smiling and signing. The money will follow, I promise. You know why I know that? Because I have studied hundreds of very successful and wealth people and I have learned a pattern that developed from watching these people. They have a lot in common, and you have the ability to do as they do and be as they are! YOU CAN DO IT! Say this with me: “I CAN DO IT!” Say it again and again and again and again… well you get the picture. It is your first affirmation until you develop more for yourself.

Watch this video below and then make a comment for me and I will get back to you with some more information to help you get started. Until next time…enjoy the video…twice…


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